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Content Marketing Careers: Job Descriptions, Essential Skills, Average Salaries, and How to Advance Your Career as a Content Marketer

Content Marketing Careers: Job Descriptions, Essential Skills, Average Salaries, and How to Advance Your Career as a Content Marketer

Content marketing has become an essential component of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.  As content marketing continues to grow, so does the need for talented content marketing professionals.  This comprehensive guide will explore content marketing careers, including key job descriptions, essential skills, average salaries, and tips for advancing your career in this exciting field.

Content Creation vs. Content Marketing

In the digital world, “content creation” and “content marketing” are often intertwined, yet they serve distinct roles in the online ecosystem.  Content creation is the act of producing engaging materials like blogs, videos, or social media posts tailored for a specific audience.  It’s about crafting narratives, ensuring authenticity, and resonating with viewers or readers.  Conversely, content marketing is the strategy behind promoting and distributing that content to achieve business goals.  This involves data analysis, SEO optimization, and targeted promotion to ensure the created content reaches its intended audience and drives actionable results.  While content creation offers foundational value, content marketing ensures that value is amplified and strategically positioned for maximum impact.  Together, they form the essence of a brand’s online success.  In short, content creation crafts the message, and content marketing ensures it’s heard.

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing refers to creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.  The goal of content marketing is to build trust and authority with your target audience and position your brand as an industry thought leader.

Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing does not overtly promote your products or services.  Instead, it focuses on providing helpful information to your prospects and customers to nurture them through the buyer’s journey.  From blogs and infographics to videos and podcasts, content marketing utilizes educational content formatted for every stage of the buying process.

Why Content Marketer Careers Are In Demand

As content marketing continues to prove itself as an effective marketing strategy, more and more businesses are investing heavily in content production.  This exponential growth has created many career opportunities for both experienced content marketers and those just entering the field. 

Here are some key stats that demonstrate the rising demand for content marketing talent:

- According to Statista, 88% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing, and 90% say they will increase their content marketing investment in 2022.

- LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report identified Content Creator and Content Strategist among the top 15 emerging jobs. 

- The Content Marketing Institute reports that over a quarter of companies have over ten people on their content team.  Larger enterprises often have content teams with over 50 specialists.

- Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, reports a 30% increase in demand for content marketing specialists between 2015 and 2019.  This growth is over 6x faster than the job market overall.

As more companies realize the value of content-driven marketing, they will need to expand their in-house content teams, creating abundant job opportunities for content professionals.

Key Content Marketing Jobs and Responsibilities 

The content marketing field includes diverse roles focused on the strategy, creation, search engine optimization, and distribution of effective content.  Here are some of the most common content marketing 

Jobs and their key responsibilities:

Content Marketing Manager

The content marketing manager oversees the ideation, production, and distribution of content across all marketing channels.  Their primary responsibilities include:

- Developing the overarching content strategy based on buyer personas, funnel stages, and business goals

- Managing content calendars and setting production deadlines 

- Overseeing content creation and optimization processes

- Analyzing content performance data and identifying optimization opportunities 

- Managing content marketing staff and freelancers

- Collaborating with design and marketing teams on content promotion

- Staying updated on content best practices and industry trends

Content Strategist

The content strategist is responsible for planning what content gets created and how it aligns with marketing initiatives.  Their primary duties include:

- Conducting keyword research to identify content gaps and alignment with searcher intent

- Creating detailed frameworks for different content types like blog posts, ebooks, and videos

- Documenting content strategies, guidelines, and governance policies

- Performing content audits to optimize existing content

- Providing strategic input as new campaigns and projects are planned

Content Creator/Writer

The content creator or writer develops written content in various formats for multiple marketing channels.  Their day-to-day responsibilities typically consist of:

- Writing compelling copy for diverse content types like articles, email newsletters, web pages, ebooks, etc.

- Conducting research to ensure content is accurate, up-to-date, and properly supported 

- Optimizing content for SEO by incorporating target keywords and metadata

- Adhering to brand voice and tone standards across all content

- Collaborating with designers, strategists, and editors to refine content

- Promoting content across social media platforms

Multimedia Content Creator

Multimedia content creators develop engaging visual assets like videos, podcasts, infographics, and animated explainers.  Their production duties include:

- Producing videos including ideation, scripting, filming, and editing 

- Recording and editing podcast episodes and transcripts

- Designing visually compelling infographics and presentations

- Animating motion graphics and explainer videos

- Ensuring brand consistency in aesthetics across multimedia content

- Promoting multimedia content on appropriate social/media channels

- Analyzing multimedia content performance and gathering optimization insights

Content Editor

Content editors review and refine all marketing content before publication.  Their quality control responsibilities include:

- Editing content for spelling/grammar, structure, tone, and format

- Ensuring compliance with SEO best practices and brand guidelines

- Fact-checking content for accuracy and plagiarism checks

- Tagging content with metadata to improve findability 

- Providing constructive feedback to content creators for improvement

- Overseeing the content production calendar and status of pending content

Must-Have Content Marketing Skills

Succeeding in content marketing requires a diverse blend of soft and hard skills.  Here are some of the most essential abilities for content marketing professionals:

Core Content Skills

- **Expert writing and copy editing:** From long-form articles to snappy social media posts, strong writing skills are essential.

- **Content optimization expertise:** You need to create content designed specifically to rank high in search engines and convert readers.

- **Research and interviewing skills:** Content is based on thoroughly researched, up-to-date, accurate information. 

- **Data-driven insights:** Leverage performance data to guide your content strategy and optimize existing content.

- **Trend analysis:** Identify emerging topics within your industry to create timely, relevant content.

- **Project management:** Juggle multiple content projects simultaneously and meet all production deadlines. 

Content Marketers Need Strategic Marketing Skills

- **Audience analysis:** Develop buyer personas and map content to their pain points and the buying journey.

- **Brand messaging:** Align all content with brand vision, voice, tone, and messaging standards.

- **Campaign planning:** Collaborate on integrated content strategies to support campaigns.

- **Performance analysis:** Prove content ROI by tracking meaningful metrics like traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Creativity and Design Skills

- **Conceptual thinking:** Generate creative ideas and fresh angles for valuable content.

- **Storytelling:** Craft compelling narratives that engage your audience.

- **Visual communication:** Produce eye-catching visual content or direct designers effectively.

- **Multimedia skills:** Expand beyond writing to produce videos, podcasts, animated explainers, and more.

Soft Skills 

- **Collaboration:** Work cross-functionally with designers, strategists, developers, etc.

- **Time management:** Produce high volumes of great content while meeting tight deadlines. 

- **Adaptability:** Adjust quickly to new roles, processes, and company strategies.

- **Problem-solving:** Troubleshoot issues impeding the content process to prevent bottlenecks.

Content Marketing Salaries

The salaries for content marketing professionals vary based on their role, experience level, company size, industry, and geographic region.  However, content creators are in high demand, so compensation remains competitive for both entry-level and senior-level talent.

Here are the average national salaries for some popular content marketing positions according to Glassdoor and Payscale:

- Content Marketing Manager: $72,961 

- Content Strategist: $60,767

- Content Writer: $50,363

- Multimedia Content Creator: $45,195

- Content Editor: $42,573

More experienced content marketers in high-level leadership roles can earn well over six figures.  For example, Glassdoor reports the average base pay for VP of Content Marketing is $143,903.

The location also impacts earning potential.  Great content marketers who work in major metro areas like New York and San Francisco tend to earn 10-15% above the national median pay.

Transitioning into Content Marketing 

offers diverse career paths for professionals with varied backgrounds who are skilled communicators and creative problem solvers.  Here are some common ways people shift into content roles:

From Journalism and Content Creation

Writers, editors, videographers, podcast producers, b2b content creators, and other media professionals are primed for content marketing with transferable storytelling and production skills.  You’ll need to layer on knowledge of SEO, marketing analytics, and campaign integration. 

From Marketing and Communications 

PR, social media, and marketing professionals utilize many comparable skills focused on audience messaging and engagement.  To transition, emphasize your strategic abilities and eagerness to adopt new formats like long-form writing.

From Other Fields

Professionals from unrelated fields often switch to content marketing to learn the marketing game.  Especially if you have research, data analysis, project management, or design skills, demonstrate your writing competence and marketing aptitude.

Many experienced content marketers suggest starting in junior content creator roles focused on writing before working up to more strategic positions.  Writing the content and gaining hands-on experience of developing and promoting content is the best way to build in-demand hard and soft skills.

The SHE VET online learning platform prepares content marketers with hands-on experience for a career pivot and pursuing a content marketing certificate program through universities.  The key is understanding how to use content to attract and convert.  Creating content that resonates helps design an overall content marketing strategy for building powerful brands. 

Advancing Your Content Marketer’s Career 

Here are some tips for propelling your career growth as a content marketing specialist:

- **Master emerging skills.** Commit to continuously building expertise in new areas like data analytics, video production, audience research, etc. 

- **Get certified.** Complete accredited content marketing training programs and certificates to validate your knowledge.

- **Build a writing and design portfolio.** Compile examples highlighting your ability to create compelling content across formats. 

- **Contribute to marketing blogs.** Offer to write posts for others’ blogs to grow your personal brand and following.

- **Speak at events.** Apply to present at marketing conferences to gain industry visibility. 

- **Network.** Connect with mentors and peers at industry events and on sites like LinkedIn.

- **Work cross-functionally.** Take on special collaborative projects to strengthen relationships across marketing, sales, product, and leadership.

- **Measure and prove your impact.** Quantify how your initiatives directly influenced KPIs like traffic, leads, revenue, and customer retention.

- **Earn internal promotions.** Progress from associate to specialist to manager roles with increasing strategy and team oversight responsibilities. 

- **Consider freelancing.** Build additional diverse content skills and network exposure by taking on freelance content gigs.

Start Your New Content Marketing Career 

Now is an exciting time to explore rewarding content marketing careers with exponential growth potential.  As the content demands of modern buyers evolve, companies will continue investing heavily in content production and optimization.  With the right combination of creative, analytical, and communication talents, you can take advantage of the abundant roles, competitive salaries, and advancement opportunities in this dynamic field.  Use the insights in this guide to increase the likelihood of positioning yourself for success in your new content marketing career.

Finding Open Content Marketing Positions

With demand booming for skilled content marketers, how can you find available jobs and get your foot in the door of the marketing industry? 

Leverage these best practices for discovering open content marketing positions:

Types of Content Marketing Job Boards

Numerous job sites are dedicated specifically to roles in creative careers in content marketing.  These niche boards are a targeted source of open positions at a wide range of companies.  Some top sites include:

- Mediabistro – Features flexible filters and global content marketing jobs from major brands.

- Content Marketing Jobs – Focused exclusively on content roles with opportunities across career levels. 

- LinkedIn Jobs – Use filters like “content marketing” and “copywriter” to find relevant openings.

- ProBlogger – Popular site listing blogging jobs and gigs including content writing.

- JournalismJobs.com – Ideal for media professionals looking to transition into content roles. 

- FlexJobs – Offers remote content marketing jobs with flexible or freelance arrangements.

Search Company Career Sites Directly 

Identify brands you admire excelling at content marketing and explore their careers page for current openings.  This allows you to target businesses doing innovative work aligned with your interests. 

Pro-tip: Pay attention to content-first companies in industries like SaaS, publishing, media, agencies, and e-commerce – they tend to have large content teams.

Follow Content Marketing Leaders on Social 

Subscribe to influencers and experts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  They frequently promote job openings at their own companies.

Attend Industry Events and Conferences

Events like Content Marketing World and INBOUND are prime networking opportunities.  Chat with brand reps to discover unlisted openings.  Some events also host career fairs.

Leverage Your Network 

Notify friends, former colleagues, and professional connections that you’re seeking content roles.  They can provide insider intel on openings and make internal intros. 

Watch for Newly Created Positions

Be on the lookout for just-posted jobs that didn’t exist before, indicating a company is expanding its content team.  These provide exciting growth opportunities.  Notice the different job titles marketers use, and build a portfolio to display your content marketing efforts.  Along with some of your best content and a sample digital marketing strategy to show you understand the content creation process.  

Get Job Alerts

Set up alerts on targeted keywords like “content marketing manager” so you’re notified when matching jobs are listed.  Enable alerts on LinkedIn, Google, job boards, and specific company sites. 

Check Company News and Press

Brands may be expanding teams when they receive major rounds of funding, win awards, or launch a new content platform.  Check news sources like press releases for intel.

By exploring opportunities through diverse channels, you can discover the content marketing position that’s the best match for your skills and passions.

Acing Your Content Marketing Interview

After landing an interview for your dream content job, how can you prepare to really wow the hiring team?  Follow these tips:

Research the Company’s Content Thoroughly

Analyze their blog, podcast, videos, and social content.  Identify what engages their audience and aligns with brand voice—note areas for improvement.  Discuss strategic insights and one place you noticed that stood out with high-quality content.

Audit Their SEO and Analytics

Use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics to evaluate their content’s search visibility, backlinks, and website traffic.  Share optimization recommendations. 

Great Content vs. Average Content 

Assess their content against competitors.  Outline what the brand does better or opportunities to differentiate by incorporating premium content.  Demonstrate your market awareness. 

Prepare Your Own Content Examples

Bring writing samples, visuals, analytics, and examples showing significant achievements.  Quantify your content impact.

Ask Insightful Questions 

Inquire about challenges, team culture, career growth, goals for the role, what success looks like in 6–12 months, and what are the expectations of a marketing manager.

Discuss Ideas to Improve and Expand Their Content

Share creative concepts aligned to their goals.  Pitch new content formats or distribution channels.  Present a broad vision for taking their content program to the next level using content marketing and SEO or social media content. 

Explain How Your Background Will Benefit Them 

Articulate how your past experience, your unique types of content marketing, and your diverse skillset will make an immediate difference to their content and marketing campaign initiatives. 

Express Authentic Enthusiasm

Convey genuine passion for the company, excitement for the role’s responsibilities, and eagerness to accomplish big things together.  Confidence and fit matter.

Preparing talking points and a sample content marketing plan related to the company and showcasing your expertise will help you stand out from the competition.

Finding a Content Marketing Mentor 

One of the most effective ways to excel and advance in content marketing is to find an experienced mentor.  But what should you look for in a mentor?

Choose Someone Accomplished

Select a mentor with a long track record of being a successful content marketer, content success, and leadership experience directing teams and campaigns.  It’s also great if they can teach you various forms of content marketing. 

Find an Expert in Content Creation 

Pick someone with hands-on experience actively creating and promoting content day-to-day.  They can provide tactical guidance.

Identify a Mentor with Industry Knowledge

Choose a veteran content marketer familiar with your target niche and audience.  Their insights will be highly relevant (i.e. knowledgeable about marketing trends, email marketing, creating a content plan, and digital marketing). 

Select a Mentor Aligned to Your Goals

It’s important not to think like the average content marketer when seeking to be matched with a mentor who can specifically advise you in your desired areas of growth like leadership, video production, etc.

Seek Out Relevant Perspectives 

Consider a mentor with a different background than yours to expand how you approach content. 

Look for Strong Coaches

Pick mentors known for mentoring and developing rising talent to their potential.

Connect with Potential Matches

Leverage your network and sites like LinkedIn to introduce yourself to promising mentors.  Many are receptive to informally mentoring emerging professionals.  You can also join formal mentorship programs through industry groups and companies.

Schedule time to meet with mentors regularly for candid advice and feedback on your career progression, content strategies, skill building, and more.  The right mentor can fast-track your content marketing success.

Content marketing offers diverse and rewarding career paths for skilled professionals passionate about creating stellar content that drives results.  This guide provided a comprehensive overview of content jobs, required abilities, salary insights, how to transition into the field, and tips for accelerating career growth through mentorships and continual skill building.

With demand surging for content marketers across industries, now is the time to leverage your creativity and communication talents in an exciting new content role.  As you build proficiency, you can progress to lead strategic initiatives and manage content teams.  Use the insights in this guide to jumpstart your content marketing career today.

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